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Welcome to The Falcon Cafe Lounge.A Modern Upscale Bistro With Kaleidoscopic Array Of Food & Beverages.

A whole new cafe cum lounge is all set to sweep epicureans off their feet. Located on the ground floor of Pallavi Hotel in Sector 16, Panchkula, Falcon Cafe Lounge is a supremely-upholstered cafe cum lounge that offers a huge array of mouth-watering food and soul-stirring drinks. With a dedicated play center for kids called Pitter Patter, one can completely relax and enjoy the flavours while kids have their fun.

To add more spunk to the going out scenes of the city, Falcon Cafe Lounge brings forth a bar that offers thirst-quenching mocktails & cocktails that are quite rejuvenating. Come and Experience for Yourself!

Pitter Patter

Worried about your kids while you go out with your friends? Not any more. Give your kids also the fun time they need and leave them at Pitter Patter, a unique and interactive role play center that offers activities that educates and empowers kids at the same time. With a unique concept-based play park, Pitter Patter incorporates fun and frolic in your kids routine.

At the same time, it allows mothers to complete their chores or find some me time which generally they miss out on. So, leave your kids along with your worries at Pitter Patter Play Center and Let them have fun!

Bar at Falcon

Falcon Cafe Lounge, with its well-stocked bar, offers patrons some amazing mocktails and cocktails which will become the highlight of your family time.

This family cafe cum lounge is perfect for a Sunday brunch or a fun time dinner with your friends and family. Sip on some soul-stirring beverages mixed up by their expert chefs and bartenders to ensure you have a great time.!

Falcon Cafe Lounge

With a cutesy cafe-like vibe greeting you, not to miss the bright yellow-blue decor and its whimsical setup, which you could see through its big glass windows, Falcon is definitely worth a visit just to escape the mundane surroundings for a bit. Possibly your next favorite hang out spot.