Egg Personality Test

Well, guess what? Eggs tell a lot about your personality, it shows what kind of human being you are deep down. Find your preference on this list and see what your egg preference says about you


Sunny-Side Up

Fried on one side, the famous Sunny-Side Up egg reveals that you are bold and assertive. A perfectly cooked sunny side-up egg has a liquidy yolk sitting on a perfect white base indicates your need for constant attention. This egg doesn't mess around, explicating that the emotional nature of this type of egg lover is loved by many. Sunny side egg lovers are found to be impulsive and unpredictable.


Scrambled egg fans are guarded. Although the dish looks a little chaotic, the aficionados are quite sorted.

Scrambled eggs buffs usually do well at managerial or senior-level jobs, they love to keep their house clean and are said to be fun, laid-back, fun and timeless. Scrambled eggs are the favourite choice of people who are the light of every party, but also know when to tidy up in order to finish the assigned tasks. Loyal friends, scrambled egg devotees can be thought of conservative, but are always friendly and inclusive of others.



Self-disciplined, Omelette eaters are cleanliness freaks and love to keep their surroundings clean. Typically the savior among their friends and family, they are expert in giving practical advice. Great hosts, omellete guzzlers are detail-oriented and have a knack for finer things in life. Also great conversationalists, they love to explore untouched terrains and usually have a ton of hobbies. Omellete eaters have a craving for the best and therefore are never satisfied with just one of anything. This urge, coupled with their self-restraint, make them a difficult lover.

Over Easy

Perfect starter egg for someone trying to get into the idea of a runny yolk. Over easy eggs lovers are said to be shy and old-fashioned. This makes them trustworthy and they prove to be lifelong friends. Not too talkative, over easy egg lovers are quite firm when it comes to their decisions and judgments. Commitment phobic, you normally end up double-booking yourself every night on the weekend.



A miracle of its kind, poached egg aficionados are quite mysterious and never keep themselves completely out. Hardworking by nature, they are loners and don't let social commitments come in way of their goals. A kind soul, if you are a poached eggs lover, you're never one to settle.